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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Diaries of Jonith of Gilneas and Pordit Bronzebeard

June 23rd.

Pordit-Finally! Jonith and I have escaped from that wretched place, I am almost glad for the Cataclysm! Jonith was too weak to travel with me, so stayed in Northshire to recuperate, while I ventured to Stormwind in the disguise of an anonymous traveller. Suffice to say, I fooled the stupid guards. I've always hated the Deeprun Tram, and I always used to fly to Ironforge from Stormwind, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I ran from Ironforge to Coldridge, picking up some supplies and my old Ram, Betsy. I thought she would make the journey back to Jonith shorter, but in my weakness I cannot even stay on her. The walk back to Northshire has depleted my energy, but not my resolve: "King" Magni Bronzebeard MUST DIE.

I will nurse Jonith back to health as he did me, and we will begin our journey to our former strength tomorrow.

June 24th

Jonith- My whole body aches with pain, and I feel weak from my weeks of being unconcious, but finally I woke, to the sight of a Northshire priest looking over me. Pordit pulled me up, after the days he had spent looking after me, and I soon saw that chaos abounded at the abbey. Injured soldiers led, in pain, against the stone walls, waiting for a long time to be nursed back to health, some never to be. I didn't have to wonder long about what was happening, as almost instantly as I was pulled up from the ground, the Marshal fitted me and Pordit with armour and tasked us with destroying the Orcs in the area. Damn the Horde! We tried repairing their damage, killing off the murderous bastards, putting out the fires, and eventually having to kill their leader.

Tonight we journey to Goldshire, fully equipped and ready to see if any other problems have befallen Elwynn. For Gilneas, and For The Alliance!

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