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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Some Blog Posts

Taken aback by the extreme awseomness of Dan's similar post I am also going to put one up detailing what blog posts I will be doing over the next few weeks. Actually I don't give a shit that he has already done one and i'm just doing this because I am more forgetful than a lobotomised Goldfish with ADD. So this is a list, go on, look at the list. LOOK AT THE LIST NOW GOD DAMMIT.

1. Sucker Punch review Part 2
2. Super Meat Boy
3. Lego Star Wars 3
4. Black Ops, First Strike Map Pack
5. How to improve Minecraft
6. This space is left open for a review on Portal 2 or Crysis 2

Now I will also copy off him by explaining what each of these things are about in small scentences, now heres an introduction to that, blah de blah, blah de blah de blah, blah blah. Oh you want actual scentences, ok.

Sucker Punch- Well this is extremely self explanatory considering I have already part reviewed it. If you havn't worked this out yet your either as retarded as the enemies in this film or you have not read the previous review. READ IT NOW.

Super Meat Boy- This game is harder than a body builder watching porn, and has at times made me want to punch a hole im my computer screen.... With a brick, that has nails coming out of it.

Lego Star Wars 3- Self explanatory really. The only way I could actually like this game is if I had my brain removed by chipmunks while shooting Adolf Hitler in the ball as a monkey claps stupidly.

First Strike Map Pack- FUCK OFF RIGHT NOW.

How to Improve Minecraft- After buying Minecraft I enjoyed it for a while, but eventually it's fun wore off, and I found it a struggle to play anymore, so these are things which would make me intrested

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