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Hello all and welcome to my blog (this is one of the nicest things you will ever here me say), in which i will whine and be cynical about different things until you'll either want to put a bullet through your head or drown yourself in your own piss.

I am now Jooseman, the Artist formerly known as Jonith, and I have stopped using the name Jonith regularly (however do still have many accoun named Jonith, so go by both) as it got confusing, So call me Jooseman or Joose or whatever. Call me TwatBucket if it pleases you.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Random things

Another one of my world famous information posts here, and by world famous I mean my friends like them, and by my friends like them I mean my mum said I'm cool.

Anyway, the major point of this blogpost is about the video which me and Dan made on youtube, which is surrentley on his channel. The video is of what we thought would improve The Black Ops ending by just using a well known song to show it's patriotic ending. It has just amazed us how the views of this video have shot up faster than a man's cock when seeing a naked supermodel.

Now that is not all I want to talk about, as I would also like to waste your time more than it would sitting in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth shouting "You can't kill me aliens." I would also like to say that I have wrote a serious post on my other blog about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I will at sometime do a funnier post about it along with the Royal Wedding. I'm sure all 5 of you wanted to know about that more than know you had aids though.

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