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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blizzcon 1

So over this last weekend another Blizzcon has been and gone like a snowman in Mordor and as always.... I didn’t go, because I have no money like at every other Blizzcon. However I did watch the stream live, as well has have some sort of internet party with a group of mates who also did by talking on our IRC channel, so because of these (what some may consider sad, but those people are larger idiots than a fat person with no brain, so there opinions don’t count) qualifications, I believe I can talk about it anyway, like a fat person could talk about Mcdonalds.

So Blizzcon, Blizzards annual conference thing, which has more things to do with Blizzards than a presentation on safety in the arctic, where they announce all their games or show coverage of ones that already have been, and this year was no different, which many major games in production by them. However all in all it’s really just an excuse for everyone to get drunker than the city of Essex, which I have no idea how that is possible, but still. Anyway this year at Blizzcon there were four major announces, along with a load of little crap I care less about than I care about the financial situation of Activision, or the Death of Gadaffi, pick one of those which least offends you and then follow me on a magical tour of these.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Now we’ll start this off with the game I know the least about because.... well I just never got that into Starcraft 2, I played a lot of the first game but I was less into Starcraft 2 than a Tortoise is in a Marathon.
So basically all I know is that you guys get a new campaign to play where you get to play as the Zerg, so has more bugs in it than a fat frog’s stomach. There are also a few new additions and tweaks to the multiplayer game which will either piss off or excite the pros, I’m not sure which yet, because I’m not a pro.

To be honest if you want accurate news on Starcraft 2 your better asking somebody who has more knowledge of the game, instead of forcing me to spout more bullcrap than a cow on laxatives. Try Husky Starcraft, Day 9 or even Total Biscuit, they all know more about this game than me, and it also allows me to shamelessly plug youtube channels for people who care less about my existence than North Korea does for democracy.

One piece kind of piece of Starcraft news which I was interested is the next game I’m going to talk about, as it is really a complete game in its own right like that analogy I could use at this point but choose not to...

DOTA (The Blizzard version)

There are more MOBA games hanging around the interwebs now than there is porn and eventually we’ll all be wanking to towers in lanes... God that's a terrifying future.

The popular version of DOTA which we know today started with a Mod for Warcraft 3 (yes there where similar concepts before that), and is a slight cross between a Real Time Strategy and RPG, and is strange in the way that you go through the whole RPG cycle in about a 40 minute game. The game is split into 3 lanes with towers in them and the goal is to push the enemy back to their base and destroy their nexus (yes I play too much LOL.)

The good thing about this version of DOTA is that for a start it is free, which makes everything seem better than a money covered icecream... surrounded by naked woman. It also differentiates itself from Valves version (which is so similar to the first game it may as well be called Dolly the fucking sheep) by adding many new gameplay mechanics, to make it more aggressive than a rabid dog with a stick up its arse. Any creeps you now kill will join your lanes to help you attack the enemies towers giving you more reasons to go and kill them. Your inventory will also be more aggressive, as boots have been removed, so you can use more damage boosting items. The boots have been replaced by different mounts you can use.

The final reason this game seems extremely good is the fact that the champions are all Blizzards original characters, which I like, even though they may as well put Buzz Lightyear fighting Terminator in it for all the good it does.

So all in all, I’m really going to look forward to this game, and the fact that I can play it without having to buy Starcraft 2 makes it better.

Look forward to part 2

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