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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Editorial: SOPA and PIPA blackout

John: As anybody who hasn't had his head stuck down a hole filled with rabid chipmunks should know, yesterday was the SOPA and PIPA blackout day, with many big sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit, and Rock Paper Shotgun as well as big youtubers such as Total Biscuit and Yogscast all blacking out. What did I do, I hear three of you ask, well I blacked up.... I mean blacked out as well, well as much as it is possible to on Blogger. This blackout lead to 10 senators dropping support for SOPA and 10 for PIPA, including one of its co signers Marco Rubio

Now you ask, why did I do this? Well I'll tell you this, I believe that the internet is an amazing thing, encouraging art, from you're pictures of cats getting annoyed at cheeseburgers, to people playing music instruments, and everybody should be proud of this. It has changed everybody's life, challenging and deposing of murderous regimes, and questioning business practices. It has created a free market, a place for anybody to achieve success if they want to, the new American Dream.

SOPA and PIPA however, will destroy this huge empire of freedom. They want this amazing thing to be controlled by the large corporations, reducing all our freedom. It is irony, that countries like the United States, are planning this bill, while at the same time criticising the North Koreans, Iranians and the Chinese for their similar regulations. Supposedly these bills will stop piracy, but it won't, all it will do is harm the general user. It is like DRM, people still find ways around it to pirate games, but the customer is stuck with a permanent annoyance whenever they try install or even use their game. Yes piracy is bad, but this would be like releasing murderers to stop thievery.

It is a mockery to all what the western world supposedly stands for, all due to the big corporations who need help because they feel they can't survive. That's not capitalism, that's corporationism (or Corporatism), an ideology which means that the corporations stay with the most power by having a corrupt government themselves take down competition. No, true capitalism gives everybody an equal chance, it allows the big companies to fail, and the small people to think of something creative and earn their fortune... It allows a Free Market

Now I don't like doing these serious posts, I'm just a man, on the internet, who wants to write about and watch people play the things he loves, games, however when this and the freedom of the internet is threatened, I do not believe I can stand by. This is why I, and many other people, blacked out, or campaigned against this bill. If you are in the US contact you're elected officials here (http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml) and if you are out of the United States (and if you're in it) sign here. (http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet) Well that was my opinion on this blot on the internet, now to get back to normal work.

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