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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Random Thoughts


Last weekend me and the Rofling Officer played about an hour's worth of Serious Sam 3, while we talk about random crap over the background, which is basically what the podcast Beyond Stupid has become., because it felt more natural. The only problem is that I am a perfectionist, and constantly lose any interest and inspiration I had in editing it after listening to the poor quality which was shown in it, most prominently in the first episode, in which the Kamikazes easily drown out the Rofling Officers terrible mic, and makes it hard to hear what he is saying, however this weekend, I hope to do the best I can with it to make it listenable, and then start uploading them, about every day or every other day.

We have also been talking about other series we could do for the Youtube channel, and my ideas so far have been a Skyrim Mod Spotlight, hosted by just me, due to the creation kit coming out. (I may also move on to Morrowind mods, even if it's an old game, because it's so good, and then maybe other games.) A playthrough for walking from one side of the Daggerfall world to the other, a series from the Rofling Officer in which he talks about his random thoughts on a certain subject, and finally some Killing Floor levels (in which we might be joined by a friend of ours, who is better at gaming than us.)

Crusader Kings 2

I just played the demo for this game, and it is extremely good. I don't want to elaborate as I may save it for a review I do at a later date, but because of it, there is a good chance I will buy this game (also I love to support Paradox, who are true PC developers and Publishers, even if they do have some fondness of bugs.)

If you want the best description of the game, think of a Less Fantasy version of the Song of Ice and Fire series, and compared to some of Paradoxes other games, it has a learning curve which isn't like running headfirst into a brick wall constantly.

Guild Wars 2 beta

Applications for easily my most anticipated game's beta opened for 48 hours yesterday. Guild Wars 2. The game just looks so good and fun, and I have been look for a good MMO to get into after quitting playing Wow due to getting bored.

I will probably play Norn when the game actually comes out, but if I do get into the beta, which is already a 0.0001% chance already, I won't be able to talk about it for a long time due to the NDA which it has on it.

Games I am looking forward too

The game War of The Roses looks really, good (the post that The Rofling Officer linked is here) and seems to have an amazing melee combat system placed into a Battlefield style multiplayer game set in the most obvious setting compared to the name, The War of the Roses. However all this makes me want Dark Souls on the PC already.

Another game I am looking forward to is Gettysburg Armoured Warfare, like The Rofling Officer. Who doesn't want to play as a steampunk confederacy with Tanks and Guns. Also it's £7, 7 FREAKING POUNDS.

Youtube reply girls (First posted by me on the OMFG Cata, Shaboozey forums)

They are making a mockery of youtube and appear in the sidebar for a lot of video now a days and frankly, words can't describe the hate which I show for them. They make unoriginal, uninformative, terrible, content which nobody wants to watch that just gets views because they have their cleavage shown (and the content is ripped off from those who posted it in the first place) but are still end up being partnered by youtube (And in one case, Machinima.)

If you want to go read the Yogscast's statement, it is here http://yogscast.com/showthread.php?50402-quot-Replygirls-quot-ruining-YouTube

However, if you don't feel like reading because it cause brain hurt, then please tweet the one drafted up on there for you: @Youtube @YTCreators please can you combat "replygirls" ruining YT and make it a nicer place to be! Further info: tinyurl.com/replygirl

Please help get them removed from youtube (it won't work, considering how big Youtube is, but it couldn't hurt.)
Also don't go on the videos to spam them, as the higher the comment amount, the higher up the ratings list they go, and the more they get noticed, leading to them getting more money, and as it is consistantly shown as being an easy way to make money, encourages other people to take up the same thing as well.

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