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Hello all and welcome to my blog (this is one of the nicest things you will ever here me say), in which i will whine and be cynical about different things until you'll either want to put a bullet through your head or drown yourself in your own piss.

I am now Jooseman, the Artist formerly known as Jonith, and I have stopped using the name Jonith regularly (however do still have many accoun named Jonith, so go by both) as it got confusing, So call me Jooseman or Joose or whatever. Call me TwatBucket if it pleases you.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Update + Streaming News

Ok, sorry for not posting anything for a very long time on this blog, but I would have been playing a lot of Crusader Kings 2 recently as well as being extremely busy anyway, so guess what my next rant will be about (it will probably be up next week.) Also, as you may know, Eurovision is next weekend, and I'm going to carry on with my tradition of writing a live rant about each of the songs, maybe with the Rofling Officer, I don't know yet.

Anyway, youtube channel wise, I uploaded a Mystery Science Theater 3000 of the Black Ops 2 trailer, however Activision had it banned worldwide for copyright, so instead I've recorded 50 minutes worth of Mount and Blade: Westeros footage. Also The Rofling Officer's editing equipment has broke so do not expect anything from him for a few weeks.

Also, I live stream with a few mates occasionally at the Ayoto!! Corp Twitch TV account, starting tonight with 3 of us doing a run through of the Torchlight 2 beta.
http://ayoto-corporation.net/ (Stream is on the Website)
http://www.twitch.tv/ayotocorp?utm_campaign=live_embed_click&utm_source=ayoto-corporation.net (The Actual Channel if you want to talk to others)

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