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Monday, 2 July 2012

Rome 2 Total War Announcement

(Semi Serious post, not rant, which I wrote to post on Shaboozey.com thread and decided to adjust and post here as well)

Today after finishing playing Smite, I was told possibly the greatest news I have ever heard, they had just announced that a Snowman was in fact the ruler of the New World Order. I mean that Rome 2 was announced by Creative Assembly to an applause so big by me, it was almost certainly not compensate for something else. Seriously guys, ROME 2!!
Rome Total War is possibly one of my favourite games ever created by anybody, which shows why it was in my list of Top 10 games ever. It is possible the most game changing of the Total War series, being the first to move away from the Sprites of the original Shogun and Medieval games, and instead bringing the series into glorious and epic, huge 3D Battles which made the series popular, and is one of the many reasons that this game is probably the most requested game to be "re-made" again for the Total War series. It'd be more surprised that idiots used the internet than this game being created.
So here are some of the new features in this game:

Yes Shogun 2 had a lot of factions, however a major complaint, as well as with Empire, was that all the factions were essentially the same after being spray painted in different colours of the rainbow by a really bad artist. It gave less variety than a football team from the third Reich game and was just boring to watch. However with Rome Total war, the variety in the armies was much better to see, for example with the Egyptians getting Chariots, and Carthaginians getting Elephants etc.
This looks like it is about to stay in the sequel, with initial interviews showing that each one will have completely individual styles to them, from the Germanic Tribes, to the Greeks, the different Roman states and also to the Carthaginians and the Egyptians. It just makes for a much better and more enjoyable experience for the game.

The factions also change with environment, for example having crude barbaric cities, to the decor of Roman and Greek cities, and finally to the bustling metropolis of Carthage, which is basically a "boss battle" city if you are a Roman faction, being the largest and most money earning throughout most of the game. By boss battle I'm hoping for a huge transforming city which turns into a robot or something, think that will happen?

The main problem with all Total War games is that the AI is god awful. They act like children being chased by rabid squirrels most of the time, running around the battlefield like a chicken on acid, and completely destroying any battle plan you happened to be thinking of beforehand. This was most prominent in Empire Total War, where the characters were scared to enter the water, presumably because they all had life threatening experiences with puddles when they were younger.

This however, didn't stop with just Empire, with even Fall of the Samurai having awful AI which even cheats at times on some difficulties in order to win, which, doesn't seem to fit the spirit of a Total War game, which is why it is now good they  have, for Rome 2, hired a large portion more staff to sort it out, as well as fixed the separate AI's for military and diplomacy,  making ir much more like how an AI in a Civ game would act.

They have made the scale much larger, making the battles seem much more huge with larger units which make the battles much more detailed, as well as with a new graphical engine which means more can be done with how the units look.

It is helped by the fact that Naval and Land battles are now combined, being able to take place in what is the equivalent of D-Day set during the Gladiator films. For example with the shown Battle of Carthage, where naval vessels transport ground troops to the beach, and land them, where the soldiers then run up to abandoned siege equipment and start to move towards the city.
All the while this is happening, other ships are firing boulders from catapults at the City Walls in the harbour. This also makes it more tactical for the defenders, who at same time are trying to sink the transport ships and making it a much riskier approach for the attackers in the siege.
In the campaign map, the territories have also changed, with many being much larger now, however within that territory it would be split up into many smaller regions . This allows for as much detail as Shogun but on a much larger scale.

Each region would be focused on something different, for example a rich, agricultural based capital region and the like. This is designed to prevent people just rushing towards a capital to take a province, and instead you can choose which thing you would want to deplete your enemy of first by attacking that region. This is to try and prevent an endless, and boring run of sieges, and instead produce fighting in the much more varied looking countryside to make it less boring for everybody.

New Camera Angles
There are also a magnitude of new camera angles to show off the scale of the battles, for one you can pull right into the heart of the battle, viewing individual soldiers as they fight through the battlefield. You can presumably also view them go to the toilet, which the developers would be less eager to show off (That is a joke OK! OK!)

There is also the other new camera, which allows you to zoom right out, so the soldiers all look like ants if you were a God who liked creating ants and making them fight. This allows you to control much more of your men at a time, and see what is happening in the battle much more easily, making It easier to micromanage different units and stopping you from feeling over burdened.

Multiplayer and Mods
So fact there has been no announcements on what to expect from multiplayer and if it is the same as the previous game, however they have said to expect something big on what will happen in that front which will be announced nearer to the time.
For Mods it is unknown, as in previous games they were very mod friendly, with huge mods being made for both Rome and Medieval 2, however recently it has been much harder to make mods for the game, which changed with the map creator for Shogun 2. They have yet to announce if a tool like that will be available for the game, however they have said they would do their best to make it easy enough, even if it not as easy as the consumer would like it to be.

Release Date
The game has a release date of around 2013 some time, which would lead me to expect Q2 2013, however it could easily slip later into the year, but whenever this game comes out, it could not come soon enough. This is probably my most anticipated for next year now.

(Also, loading times, make them quicker. No matter what you were loading it off, Shogun 2 seemed to have ridiculously long loading times for whatever reason. Not to get into the battles or campaigns, but just to get onto the main menu. No idea why that is so, but I'd rather be able to play the game than have to spend a few hours banging my head against a wall in boredom.)

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