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Hello all and welcome to my blog (this is one of the nicest things you will ever here me say), in which i will whine and be cynical about different things until you'll either want to put a bullet through your head or drown yourself in your own piss.

I am now Jooseman, the Artist formerly known as Jonith, and I have stopped using the name Jonith regularly (however do still have many accoun named Jonith, so go by both) as it got confusing, So call me Jooseman or Joose or whatever. Call me TwatBucket if it pleases you.

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Rants up on this blog on Friday if I've done one, just too add a little bit of schedule here.

Anyway thats all from me, and also check out Rofling Officer Productions. He is a collaborater of mine.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Upcoming Posts

Quick blog post here but i would just like to let you all (all 3 of you) know that me and Dan will be eventually doing (when he can be bothered) a blog post or 2 on the best and worst games we have ever played. Well by worst we mean most overrated (and worst) which acctually felt like a kick in the balls.... before being castrated and chainsawed in the head by somebody who eats there own shit.

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