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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Doctor who and Britain’s Got Talent

I am going to get a lot of criticism for this, but I genuinely believe that Matt Smith, the newest Doctor, is as good as David Tennant. Yes this is Doctor Who, the BBC’s best Saturday family drama and in my eyes one of their greatest programs.

So which idiot in the BBC trails department decided in a recent episode it was a good idea to put a bloody cartoon of Graham Norton dancing at the bottom of the screen, AT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE PROGRAMME, WHY DON’T YOU JUST WIPE S&@T ALL OVER THE SCREEN NEXT WEEK. Yes this is the story about how the Doctors new arch enemy, the BBC’s trail department managed to defeat him with a small Graham Norton, to advertise their newest Andrew Lloyd Webber show Over the Rainbow which I haven’t watched yet as it seems to be the X Factor aimed at the old women and Gay men audience demographic. So I’m going by advertisements here, which makes me believe that the singers are watched over by their overlord Andrew Lloyd Webber, who looks as if he caught the plastic surgeon on an off day.

ITV have also got into talent show proceedings with a new series of Britain’s Got Talent the most uplifting s&@fest ever, which I have only just started watching due to being stuck in Egypt for an extra 4 days. Anyway a brief rundown of what Britain’s got Talent. Some people who THINK they have got talent, or others who don’t seem that special but are children so how good they are is suddenly doubled, (unless there fat or ugly) sing, dance, do magic, shat in a cup for our entertainment and what they hope will eventually entertain the queen. (Honestly who the hell thought the queen would be entertained by a break dancing group. If only Nick Griffin was watching. ) Before entertaining the queen they must first entertain the three judges who all have a buzzer, and if all three of the judges press there buzzer the act must ashamedly stop what they are doing and get the piss taken out. Anyway the judges are Simon Cowell, (a man who seems like he’s trying to get the position of God) who is only doing this programme to get another how many million pounds, then there's Amanda Holden who’s only job seems to be to start crying whenever there's a sob story, or there's a really young child. And finally there's Piers Morgan, a man who has no qualifications at all to judge people on talent as I am amazed he can speak without having to check his throat for s@&t every 5 minutes.

Last year Simon Cowell said some s&@t about not judging someone by their looks, which seems to have gone down the toilet pretty fast, with fat and people being put down every five minutes. If you really want to make this program good you should get the license for Daleks, admit it that would scare the s@&t out of the contestants and would still probably have more personality then Piers Morgan. Also STOP VOTING FOR LITTLE KIDS OUT OF SYMAPATHY!

Anyway talking about Daleks lets go back to talking about Dr Who which I seem to have got a bit sidetracked from. Did anyone see the Daleks that were on a few weeks ago, it seemed as if they’d just mated the original Daleks with a Bendy bus, and there catchphrase seems to have gone downhill “do you want a cup of tea” which was quite funny.

How come so many people still believe Dr Who is a children’s show, it might be designed to scare children but really the drama in it is perfect for adults as well.

Oh and as I said before about Dr Who being one of the best programmes on BBC 1 it still isn’t as good as Ashes to Ashes which is working up to be as good a series as ever which by the last episode should have answered all our questions. Now go away.

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