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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Overrated Comedians

Michael Mcintyre, Michael f@&king Mcintyre, to most people the funniest comedian ever, or something like that. Well I find him as funny as a terminal disease. It’s not just Mcintyre either, what about Lee Evans, or Peter Kay. Both not funny at all, I have never seen the appeal with what they do, If anybody knows the reason please tell me. I never knew millions of people could be wrong, oh, George Bush got into power twice in America; well I didn’t believe millions of British people could be wrong.

Well figure my disgust when I was watching the new series of Russell Howard’s Good News. Russell Howard being one in the list of overrated comedians, actually to be honest the regulars on Mock the Week are all pretty much overrated (well except Hugh Dennis, as Outnumbered is as funny as usual.) The only reason these comedians can seem funny on Mock the Week is because they test out there jokes beforehand. So back to Good News, to anybody who hasn’t seen this “comedy” show, it is Russell Howard saying “jokes” about different things which have been in the news this last week. The worst part of the show is obviously the mystery guest part, were a guest who he “supposedly” doesn't know anything about appears and he asks him questions, it’s as funny as if every kitten in the world died of leukaemia suddenly over night (which I expect to happen sometime soon. I wouldn’t actually be that shocked considering the news nowadays.) The final part of the show is about good news and different people who have done something good. It practically says they are better than us for what they have done, which I believe is a bit unfair (but as I’m a hypocrite I am better than you Russell and I’m not even a comedian, yea so f off)

The first jokes of the show are usually edited scenes off the news, with everything cut out except some sexual word (to be honest there not all sexual, saying hard in a sentence is only dirty if you say it in the right voice.) Then it occasionally shows things like funny speeding excuses, which people laugh at like its Russell who came up with these, well it’s not why don’t you f&@king idiots open your little mind, they were shown on Have I Got News For You which was shown earlier, and that even had funny commentary from the panellists. They do this with many clips as well, it’s like they purposely invite the biggest idiots into the audience. What really can you expect though BBC3 was created to attract the specialist audience, the biggest idiots in Great Britain.

I’ve always believed that comedians who have to put a funny voice on something that doesn't need it to have one are as funny as drowning dogs and this had not just proved it, its gone and shoved it up the arse of the viewing public.

He isn’t the only overrated comedian on this week either, there is also The Ricky Gervais Show, showing cartoons of his podcast. It is basically Ricky and Stephen laughing at Karl Pilkington because of how much of an idiot he is and his stupid ideas. It is so unfunny I’d rather a Steamroller rolled over my balls. Anyway that's basically the show, nothing else happens, nothing better, nothing worse (because that’s how bad it is already.)

Anyway I’ve already been cynical enough in this post and as I am writing this on election night I would rather keep in some of my anger to insult the politicians so I would just like to say my pick for election night is Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night, a show which looks like you would laugh hard enough to cry. The fact that Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are in it makes it even better. (I’m not saying the other main host Jimmy Carr is bad, I’m just saying the other two are a lot better.) Anyway if the adverts are anything to go by it should be very funny and I may do a whole review of it, along with the election, next week. If I can be bothered.

So as I was talking about overrated comedians at the start of this article, I will now name my favourites and also favourite comedy shows:

· Have I Got News For You

· Frank Skinner’s Opinionated

· You Have Been Watching

· Harry and Paul

· Charlie Brookers Newswipe

· Charlie Brookers Screenwipe

· Charlie Brookers Gameswipe

· The Peep Show

· David Mitchell

· Robert Webb

· Hugh Laurie

· Frank Skinner

· Paul Merton

· And many others, including the greatest comedian on television in this century, a man who has written for pc zone, and is still writing for the Guardian. I have already mentioned his shows, but a special award goes to Charlie Brooker, for how great and funny he is.

Actually that is to sentimental so go watch the news. That's a programme were sentimental doesn’t mean a crap. Now get lost.

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