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Hello all and welcome to my blog (this is one of the nicest things you will ever here me say), in which i will whine and be cynical about different things until you'll either want to put a bullet through your head or drown yourself in your own piss.

I am now Jooseman, the Artist formerly known as Jonith, and I have stopped using the name Jonith regularly (however do still have many accoun named Jonith, so go by both) as it got confusing, So call me Jooseman or Joose or whatever. Call me TwatBucket if it pleases you.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Welcome to The Blog

Hello, this is my new blog containing reviews of Tv, Film and Games trying to work out what has happened to make entertainment this bad. I will also come up with some fake TV shows which i expect to be on TV in 10 years. Anyway i'm sure you didn't really mean to come to this blog, so go away now, or don't it's your choice. If you must you could use the computer your reading this on to wipe your arse, or hit the person next to you in the head. I couldn't care. Anyway i hope you have more fun reading this than i had writing it, which you will, because i hated absoloutly every moment. Now get lost!

Oh if you find this other blog with the same articles as this, i have let him use them.

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